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Dog Walk (Home or Work Pick up)

Call to Discuss Arrangement and Pricing

  • 30 min
  • Depends on Location
  • TipToe Grooming

Service Description

If you are working, going out for the day or struggling to find the time to get out with your dog, our walks are the perfect solution. Walks are available on a regular, daily or weekly basis, or as required We provide delivery and collection of your dog, to and from your home or work area. * Flexibility: our service offers various options for clients to choose from, including regular, daily, or weekly walks. This allows pet owners to select a schedule that best suits their needs. * Delivery and Collection: You offer the convenience of picking up and dropping off the dogs directly from the clients' homes or work. This eliminates the need for clients to transport their dogs to a location and ensures a hassle-free experience for them. To make your dog walking service even more appealing, consider including additional details such as: * Trained Staff: Highlight the qualifications and experience of your dog walkers. Clients often feel more comfortable knowing their pets are in capable hands. * Group or Individual Walks: Mention whether our offer group walks (for socialization) or individual walks (for dogs that prefer solitude or have special needs). * Exercise and Playtime: Describe the activities that dogs will engage in during their walks, such as playtime, exercise, and interaction with other dogs (if applicable). * Communication: Let clients know how you'll keep them updated about their dog's activities during the walk. This could include text messages, photos, or even a walk report. * Rates and Packages: Provide clear information about our pricing structure, any packages we offer will be on website. * Health and Safety Measures: Outline any health and safety protocols you follow, such as vaccination requirements for dogs, emergency procedures, and how you handle any medical issues that may arise during the walk.

Contact Details

  • TipToe Grooming

    8 Upper Tachbrook Street, London, UK


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